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Consulting Engineering

Pumping Systems

Our projects have included the design, construction and commissioning of pumping systems ranging from HVAC, waste storage/treatment and high purity piping for nitrogen, hydrogen, glycol, compressed air and purified water.  In addition, we have worked directly with building Maintenance and Operations personal to ensure the turn-over of fully functional and reliable systems. 


We have been closely involved in the planning, design, procurement, installation and functional performance testing of HVAC equipment such as chillers, cooling towers, air handling units, boilers and all associated piping and pumping systems.   We develop innovative, functional and efficient solutions to challenges encountered during any and all of the above phases of a project. 


Our firm has provided electrical consulting services for construction projects involving the increase in electrical building capacity and new construction. We have overseen the installation of emergency diesel generators, lighting control system, load demand studies and final testing of overall building electrical systems.   

Fire, Life and Safety

Our staff has taken the lead in overseeing the design, construction, pre-testing and final testing of Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler and Smoke Control systems.  We have served clients as Code Consultants for Fire, Life and Safety systems including fire rated construction of Hazardous Storage facilities to negative pressurization required to maintain a safe operating laboratory. Our staff has worked directly with local jurisdictions such as Building Departments and Fire Departments to ensure code requirements are met as well as testing required to obtain building Certificate of Occupancy.     

Instrumentation and Controls

As automation and controls have become a vital part of todays facilities and processes, we have provided consulting services ranging from Building Automation Systems to Process Controls.  We have developed Sequence of Operations, Standard Operating Procedures, Instrument Calibrations, annual maintenance procedures as well as commissioning and validation of such control systems.